Harari Heritage Center

The harari Heritage center (HHC) formally knowing as Harari Community of Ontario (HCO), represents the largest Harari community outside of Ethiopia. It was established and licensed as a charitable organization in 1995.

In 2003 the HCO went through a transformation.  The HCO purchased its first property and called it the Harari Heritage Center.  Today the Heritage Center represents one of the prides and jewels of the Hararies across the globe.  With that we are proud to say we have established the foundation for a stronger Harari identity.

With the existence of the Center and the dedicated volunteers, the HHC managed to start programs and activities at the Center.  These programs and activities are designed to enrich our youth with their Harari identity.  Our goal and objective is to build a stronger and a better Harari community.

In 2013 we are celebrating our 18th year, and for that we thank all the volunteers and the members for their hard work and perseverance.